nSpire is a full-service rewards incentive company. We manage and create customized programs that meet your unique needs, whether you hope to motivate an underperforming sales force, reward employees for hard work or encourage customer loyalty. We do this by providing strategies, suggestions and support intended to help you maximize your ROI.

nSpire has been providing results-oriented solutions since its formation in the fall of 2005. Its professionals, who are experienced in the motivation, strategy and technology fields, understand which services and products will increase your productivity, revenue and customer satisfaction.

nSpire Partners
For us to make this process simple and seamless for you, we’ve partnered with some seasoned professionals.

nSpire has teamed with to provide superior incentive and consumer reward fulfillment. Through purchases of sourced inventory and by leveraging fulfillment services, nSpire is now able to provide real-time access to millions of reward options, today’s latest models, CDs, books and DVD titles and more.

MaximumASP offers nine different configurations of dedicated servers to meet your Windows and .NET hosting needs. Hosted on our multi-tiered Enterprise Class network, these servers provide the performance, security and reliability you need to host your high-end web sites and applications.

nspire-MaximumASP partnership
Through Maximum ASP, we offer:

  • Enterprise Firewall, Intrusion Prevention and Anti-Virus (includes an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS))
  • 99.999% Guaranteed Network Uptime (includes 24-hour server and network monitoring)
  • Complete Service Pack and Critical Patch Management
  • Secure, managed servers with 24/7/365 technical customer service