nSpire is a full-service rewards incentive company. We manage and create customized programs that meet your unique needs, whether you hope to motivate an underperforming sales force, reward employees for hard work or encourage customer loyalty. We do this by providing strategies, suggestions and support intended to help you maximize your ROI.

nSpire has been providing results-oriented solutions since its formation in the fall of 2005. Its professionals, who are experienced in the motivation, strategy and technology fields, understand which services and products will increase your productivity, revenue and customer satisfaction.

Motivational Team
Though nSpire is a young company, our team of professionals has more than 20 years of combined experience in the incentives field and 35 years of experience in technology, strategy, and creativity. Each of our principals brings to the table a different area of expertise: incentives programs, strategy and marketing, and knowledge of building and implement technology architectures.

MHorlickMitch Horlick
Mitch Horlick grew up immersed in the incentive industry. His father, Art Horlick, was a pioneer in the field and got Mitch interested at a young age. Mitch learned everything he could, from warehousing inventory management and merchandise procurement, to assembling and managing top customer service teams.

Mitch is passionate about using technology to make the incentive industry more efficient. In 2002, he formed PassPoints, Inc. to fill a growing ‘points-to-products’ need, and helped launch online and off-line incentive programs for companies such as Dr. Pepper, Novartis (Gerber), MasterCard, Philip Morris and Sony Music.

In 2005, he helped found nSpire, with the dream of leveraging technology to offer clients unparalleled service, premium merchandise and rapid fulfillment. His vision has taken shape. At nSpire, Mitch has been instrumental in starting incentive programs for clients like Procter & Gamble, Destiny Health, CSK Auto, Inc., Ryder, and Comcast.

Under his guidance, Mitch’s clients have seen their programs grow and expand, by offering other fulfillment products besides merchandise (e.g. gift-cards, movie tickets, travel incentives, pre-paid credit/debit cards, etc.), establishing and watching success metrics, and adding new vendor-partners and employer customers.

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GParekhG. Parekh
G. Parekh has worked in technology and strategic consulting for 20 years. At nSpire, he established the company’s strategic relationship with, a partnership that drove a paradigm shift in the incentive industry. It has forced those in the business to emphasize quick shipping times and customer service, as well as strong pricing. In this area, nSpire was a pioneer, and many other incentive vendors have followed suit.

Before coming to nSpire, G. worked for consulting firm KPMG Peat Marwick (in the Chicago office). He has also participated in development of strategic and technology solutions for clients like adidas, Dial Corporation, SuperShuttle, Best Western, Choice Hotels International, Microchip Technology, Inc., and several city and state governments. He has an MBA in Information Systems from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland.

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RahulPatelRahul Patel
Rahul Patel is the primary architect for nSpire’s technology solutions. The nSpire Dynamic Service Architecture (nDSA), which has allowed nSpire to successfully develop sophisticated interfaces with many clients in many different formats, is his brainchild. nDSA is also fast, secure, flexible and reliable. It is the technology backbone for nSpire and is used by all nSpire clients.

In the past, Rahul has architected or developed technology solutions for clients like adidas, Converse, IBM and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

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